Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I am one of those...

...girls that loves all things Jane Austen. I own every book. and I have read them all. repeatedly.

I found the audio book Pride & Prejudice the other day and took it with me to drive to east Texas on Monday. I started listening to this wonderful book in the car... and listened to it the next day on the drive home... and then... popped the CD in my computer and listened to the book all the afternoon. I listened to the whole book in one day. I could not put it down, so to speak.

After listening to the most classic love story ever written... I, of course, wanted more... so then I watched the movie. The really really old version. Black and white. Laurence Oliver as Mr. Darcy and Greer Garson as Miss Bennet (See picture below). Yes, I own the black and white version of this movie.

and the newest version with Kiera Knightly. and the Bollywood version (Bride & Prejudice). and I am dying to own the 6 hour BBC version... but it is really expensive... so I am waiting on that one.

In the meanwhile, I have Pride & Prejudice on my mind. I keep wanting to speak like English nobles in the 1800's. I want to use words like ...


And say things like..."Pray, do tell!"

Pray, do tell me, why has the habit of throwing a ball fallen out of fashion?

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Candide said...

Hey Shannon !
That's funny because I was thinking of that story yesterday!!!!

Just a tip... I don't know about the US iTunes store, but you can by the 6 hours movie (BBC) from the iTunes store for 7.49 Euros (in the French iTunes store!!!)
Then, you'll just have to burn it on DVD (I'm not sure it's possible, but I can try) and you'll have it!!!

I was thinking of buying it, so tell me if you want it too and we can buy it together an dI'll try to burn a DVD!!!!

I'l ltry with one of the movies I bought from iTunes and I'll tell you.
Tell me if you are interrested...

Can't wait to see you!!!