Friday, August 22, 2008

The "bridge" building at camp was once partially demolished by an avalanche in the 1960's.  It was rebuilt... but is still essentially 150 years old.  It looks like an old stone barn.  Enter this building and you will find a small twisting wooden stair.  If you ascend these stairs you will find four tiny offices.  In the third office on the right, right now, you would find 5 people on computers.  Including myself.  Even though this space is only 10 feet wide.
Like my comrades, I am enjoying some new free time.  Family camp ended today.  The French families were wonderful.  Although, I was really intimidated by them at first.  My French is much better than it was 10 days ago.  Today when each family left I couldn't help but wish I had a little more time with them.

I am currently in a state of mourning for my digital camera.  My beloved Nikon.  is .  dead.  c'est mort.  

I have repeatedly felt the sting of wanting to take a certain picture and remembering that my camera is gone forever.  and that it is my fault.  for trying to cross a mountain stream with the camera in my hand.  It was horrible... that moment I watched my camera flying through the air and felt the morbid splash of digital death.

I thought it had a chance when it dried out... but I was wrong... it officially died this week.

The day I dropped it in the water I took some truly beautiful pictures of mountain scenery. The picture above is one of them... from my camera's last hours of life.

It was strange saying good-byes today.  I was harder for me, because I feel like it is my turn to say good-bye next.  Only about two more weeks left.  My mind is starting to wonder about what I'll be doing when I get home.

I am even a little frustrated.  I have started to feel at home here, my French is coming along, I have grown closer in my relationships with French friends...and now...stop everything.   
Time to go back home... for a bit.  
Time to transition into a whole new world again.
Time to attempt explaining to people what happened here and find I don't have the words.
Time to get frustrated with people because they really won't care to hear about everything that happened here.
Time to miss out on the relationships I have been carefully building on here.

I guess it is also time to see wonderful loving...

possibly sky ranch OE kiddoes

consume a few....

Dr. Peppers
Mexican food dishes
pieces of sushi

and I have a lot of work to do!  It's time to get others involved in this enterprise.  

So much work to be done.  

For now...I am about to board a bus for 5 Euro and 10 centi.  Arrive in Grenoble later tonight.  Stay with one amazing Candide and a sweet and spunky Australian named Jess.  Hopefully, eat delectable French cuisine on Candide's balcony in the dusky evening light.

and we'll all think about the beauty of being the children of God.