Friday, January 23, 2009

stumbled across this

A brief rainstorm,
in which I was lathering away the daily sweat,
suddenly burst forth
Thoughts that seemed well-dressed
I treasured. Curiosity

wondered around
the thought:
want is the seed of interest.

To peer under every stone,
and mound of earth,
to filter fingers through pages
and minds, mining,
to fuel the exertions of comprehension,
humility is the spark.

The premier map-writers admire
the grid and squirm to think
what’s beyond the edges.

The politicians
the pastors
the professors
the planners
do not seem passionless, but the

pursuit of viable alternatives
are not advantageous.
fuller pockets, greater pulpits,
projects and pledges are preferred to the

Truth taboo.
Simplicity too complex:
ignore–angst is their diet.

They make defining
They make everything
seeming so, they disguise
starvation-bellies, orphan-farming, savagery-cycling.

Proud fools
caress the phantom:
omni-science. (comforting thoughts so they can remain comfortable)

Explaining the world,
they ignore it. (graph the hungry)
Ruling the world,
they destroy it. (kill the opposition)
The Renaissanced are sparkless.

Dingy ignition: love & modesty,
yet nothing finer
than limited ones
plumbing the limitless.

No one asks the spark-people
Where their imaginations have gone?
Except those who have lost their own.

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