Tuesday, October 28, 2008

embracing and battling the cold...

the other night I was driving home late...flying down the winding road with only my headlights casting light into the darkness. I love driving. This was one of those moonless nights. The air felt a little wild and I knew a cold front was blowing in. The brown leaves scuttled across the road and spooked me for a moment, fearing some animal was attempting to cross the road.

It was an October night for the record books...leaves falling, wind howling.

This is the weather I love.

Of course, sunny days are glorious in their time. But everyone loves the sun. And even rainy days in their gloom have a special appeal for movie lovers...curling up on a rainy day is a nice treat. But I am one of those oddities... that champion the cold!

I love the cold, blustery days. Especially, the first ones of the season. I love the crispness it brings to the air. I love bundling in soft, billowy sweaters and scarves... that I get to pull out of the closet. Remembering... oh yea! I love that sweater...I've missed you all summer.

I love warming my hands by a fire. or snuggling up next to a friend while we walk in the cold.

I love the holidays!! Coming into a warm house. Drinking something in a green mug...that is sweet and steaming.

When I think about it...autumn and winter are also really harsh and terrible. I can enjoy them because I am provided for. I have a sheltering roof over my head. clothes to wear. refuge and friends. I can not deny the stinging feeling when you are miserably cold. the ache of cold muscles.

I guess the season reminds me just how grateful I am. I love you Lord for providing for me. I love you who have watched over me. I love you family! I love you friends that warm my heart! Thank you!

I love You who paints the trees in autumn and designs the frost on the grass.

Show me what I can do... to help make sure everyone feels warm this season. on the inside and out.

Because there is a lot of cold out there...


jammeshia said...

So..I love that you were true to your word and you commented!!

weeksi said...

hot chocolate, a cosy couch, a good book or a movie, a cat on the lap... bring on the cold days!