Sunday, October 19, 2008


I’m trying to be as quiet as a church mouse; although, the wind blowing through the open window is making enough noise to veil the small clicking of fingers hitting the keyboard. My Dad is asleep nearby, and this is quite a a feat. He hasn’t been able to sleep more than a few hours each night, due to his injuries from a motorcycle accident which wounded him and fatally wounded his wife, changing our lives in the worst possible way.

It is nearly 11 in the morning... and he is still snoring. Halleluia!

I was so nervous about this weekend. Roles were reversing. My siblings and I were going to take Dad under our wing. He wanted to stay with us. First, I picked Dad up from his parents house (my grandparents: Peep and Pop... for a little insight into their delightful characters read a previous blog from last spring). Then we drove through the cool October night up to Norman, OK, where my brother and sister attend OU. The moon was really lovely, hanging bright and mostly full in the sky, but it was hardly a distraction from my weeping father in the passenger seat. I listened to him tell the whole story of the accident to a friend who called him on the phone. How many times has he told this story? Too many times now... I am sure. Still, I suppose it needs to be told... it is amazing how many people each of our lives touch.

We made it to Norman. We all gathered in in the living room. My sister, Darby, my brother, Sean, and Wes (Wes is practically my brother; he has been dating Darbs for nearly five he counts as family already). We haven’t been together like this in a very long time. We all sat down and watched the most hilarious episode of the The Office, with scenes of Dwight giving birth to slippery watermelons flashing across the screen, our tears gave way to chuckles. God bless The Office. Can I get an amen?

My Dad was really awed by my sister’s decorating skills. She has an engaging taste. She could be a designer. She built her own coffee table and actually put coffee beans under the glass. It is the only true “coffee” table, she says. It fills her little living room with a pleasant aroma. She has lanterns hanging from the ceiling and fresh yellow flowers in a vase next to the couch. My Dad was really floored by her creativity.

This afternoon, he is going to join me at Sky Ranch and see where I “live” too. It is a little strange...that it would take this much tragedy for Dad to finally see and get to know us in the spaces where we work and live. We always had to meet him where he was...

... now he is here. with us. seeing our daily selves first hand. for the first time in a very very long time.

I was nervous about this weekend...but the first morning we were together...I couldn’t believe the miracle in front of my eyes. We were all together, goofing around and making breakfast, and I looked up to see Dad sitting in a chair and reading through a Bible...

... it actually felt like Christmas morning.


Courtney Hope said...

shannon. that truly is unbelievable.

i just got chill bumps. i'm glad your weekend went well.

you and your family are in my prayers.

growingfreely said...

amen. shannon, i thought about you so much off and on this weekend. thank you for updating us. can't wait to see you and your dad in the morning! love you.