Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another great reason to work at Sky Ranch

I've counted up the hours I have spent at Sky Ranch (where I work) in the last three days. Its been about 38 hours. Admittedly, some of those hours, about 4 or so, I was not working. Merely, enjoying the use of Internet or hanging out with summer staff. But I would say that 34 hours of work in the course of 3 days is still pretty exhausting. So today when I was finished grating zucchini for the giant Iguana (which has been dubbed Jub-Jub although Vernon still calls him Razor) and finished washing the feces out of the sugargliders food bowls (one of the worlds most disgusting mammals though they are deceivingly cute) was only 5:30 in the afternoon. I was finished early! My entire being radiated with a fatigue that only working at Sky Ranch (during the week that OE, iLeads, TCA, and summer camp staff are ALL jostling for spots on camp) could cause.

I felt like a warrior that had just fought a great battle and survived. Instead of sword wounds, my wounds consisted of...
leg muscle cramps
a burnt thumb (thank you char making)
splotches of mud covering my legs
ferret hairs clinging to my shirt
sweat tricking down my face
corn-cake dough inside my nose (YES! inside it! I had so much dough on my hands that when I wiped my nose...which was got stuck inside...and I discovered it all hardened just inside my nose about an hour later)
paint on my face
sore smoky eyes
knots in my hair
zucchini under my nails
AND a usually cheerful persona now subdued by a mob of raving children and unsure adult chaperons.

I knew when I got into the car...I had to treat myself to something truly enjoyable. Solution: Go eat a panini and drink tea at Rockwell's. Call a few of my best friends. Talk to potential supporters for my upcoming mission work in France.

And! I ate the most delicious cinnamon roll. for desert.

Apparently, I forgot to take my Sky Ranch nametag off and TWO guys (at different times), both pretty handsome, started up conversations about Sky Ranch. Soooooooooo, working crazy hours and jobs at camp does have some perks.

Conclusion: At least in East Texas, working at Sky is a great conversation starter for flirting with guys in Christian coffee shops.

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