Monday, April 28, 2008

medical update

Thanks everyone so much for keeping my family in your prayers. Sean's surgery went great. They took out all the old hardware (the screws and metal plates that held his shoulder together after he broke his clavicle a while back). They thought they would have to file the bone and do some other painful stuff...but they didn't have to! So his recovery should be faster and less painful.
More amazingly, my time in the waiting room with my parents went absolutely stunning. Better than I could ever have expected. I actually got them to laugh...I read them my blog about the grandparents. It was a nice relief.
I am so grateful.

BY the way...while we were driving to Dallas. I saw a billboard for a strip club called "Peppermint Rhino." I thought. That is an oddity. Why rhinos? Why a peppermint one?


CourtneyHope said...

Just wanted to say 'hi!' and that it was fun to finally see you this weekend. i also finally added you to my blog list so that all of the thousands of people who traipse through my blog (alright, more like... the 10 people..) can now traipse through yours:)

Candide said...

Hey Shannon!
I just wanted to leave you a comment!
Is Sean your brother? Or how is he related to you?
I hope he'll be able to recover fast!
Well, I'll see you soon!