Thursday, July 31, 2008

a time to pause

This blog has been so neglected, but for good reason.  The last month I have been fully engaged in an English camp for French youth... and it has been lovely.  We had two camps.  One for youth under 18 and one for adults 18 to 30.  The last Peugeot (French car brand) left camp completely stuffed with luggage.  With their bags and packs, the last campers left and I felt a little hollower.  Last night, we pulled mattresses onto the soccer field to gaze at the night sky and shared thoughts, stories, and cups of tea.  A pattering noise suddenly loomed in the distance and suddenly rain fell and chased us indoors.  glanced at the clock and it was 4am.  it was unfortunate that I had to wake up at 6:30 to help make breakfast... or so I thought... when I emerged from my cave and spied the most beautiful early morning clouds.  French baguette and warm chocolate milk helped battle the angst of fatigue.  

Everyone left at camp has hidden away in their various holes to rest.  I am sitting on the stairs outside and camp seems to be a ghost town.  But it's really peaceful and gives me time to think.

I am so eager to start my year here in France.  I am trying extremely hard to learn something new in French each day (or should I say "chaque jour").  Quite a humbling enterprise.  Chaque jour I make some kind of hilarious mistake.  On morning, I meant to say... "do you like..."  and instead accidently professed... "I love you..." to one of the French guys.  I desperately wished for the gift of invisibility after that faux-pa.
There was also the time... I asked for the camper next to me to "pass the green beans" in french.  Too bad my pronunciation needs more work.  Instead I asked him to "pass the alcohol, please."  I guess that is not such a mistake here in France... libations flow freer... still... they got a good laugh.  

I have been sitting cross legged.  so the blood flow to my feet have been sufficiently thwarted... resulting in the unpleasant sensation that the French compare to a thousand ants biting you.  My camera battery is also running low.   So I am signing out for the afternoon... From this stone stair case... under the tree by the volleyball court, under these rocky cliffs, and alpine skyline.  Love to all.

P.S.  the birch leaves shimmer when the wind blows

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